Here you can find some (in my opinion) awesome Android works - CM Themes, ZW Skins, Kustom LWP Skins or just Android apps - that are not made by me but by other awesome developers!

Coalfield - CM12 Theme

From the same developer who designed the theme below, comes another CM12 theme: Coalfield.

Released at April 5th, this theme makes your phone look better with an red accent.


I won't write a long review for this (as for SolidAlpha), but anyway, I want to show you this theme.


The fresh and simple boot animation is even better as in SolidAlpha, in my opinion. (Update: Has another boot animation now.)

Now status bar, quick settings and other system things:

Let's take a look at the theming of Instagram, my favourite about this theme. Look at that logo and icons!

And then, at the...

...was released. Have fun with this amazing theme! Download link above!

SolidAlpha - CM12 Theme

Let's take a look at a very cool CyanogenMod theme. Originally here was a description what CyanogenMod is but this was accidentally deleted by Jimdo so please check out XDA-Developers or this.

First, let's take a look at the very nice boot animation.

It looks very simple and the picture in the middle is also very cool.

I also like that wave that pops up when the phone has booted.


Now a few screenshots of themed applications.


First look at the status bar. The icons are also themed and different from the stock icons.

Especially the WiFi icon looks pretty neat.

So, this is how Hangouts looks like.

You see, not every app is orange, but nearly :D

But this green matches the theme very nice I think.

And also take a look at the icons. They are very detailed, I like that.

By the way, WhatsApp looks similar to Hangouts:

Maybe you already noticed it, the icons at bar at the bottom (called navbar or navigation bar) are also different from the stock icons. The back button has changed to an X which is a really good idea. The home button is just a house like on the stock icons and the current apps button are two lines representing two opened apps.

Obviously, preinstalled apps are also themed, like Settings, which are again in orange:

Notice that the icons of the setting categories also changed to icons that match the theme.

Here is a screenshot of the Google Play Music app, from which the "Hey, listen!" icon at the top is.

In this app I like that the preview / next buttons have changed to text, which is a good alternative I think.

This is the phone app with a really nice telephone icon and dial button. :)

And - last but not least - the camera app is also themed.

Obviously not only the shown applications are themed, also many others, see the Play Store description for more details.

Now, after we took a look at some apps, I will show you the wallpaper that comes with this theme.

Pretty nice and goes well with the theme, right? ;)

At least, let's take a look at the radio buttons and switches, which are also themed and looking very nice.

If you want to donate to the developer, purchase the Donate version.

Otherwise, if you want to try it out first, download the theme here.