IFTTT Recipes, Tasker XMLs and Automate Flows

IFTTT, Tasker and Automate - they all follow the same principle: If this then that.

IFTTT Recipes

IFTTT Recipe: New Track Notification connects soundcloud to if-notificationsRecieve a notification when an artist you follow releases a new track. Preview
IFTTT Recipe: Follower Tweet connects twitter to twitterTweet a "Thank you" message to new followers!
IFTTT Recipe: Tweet NASA's Picture of the Day connects space to twitterTweet NASA's Picture of the Day to your followers!
IFTTT Recipe: Yo IFTTT, find my phone! connects yo to android-deviceFind your lost device using Yo and IFTTT.
IFTTT Recipe: Stalk ISS! connects space to google-driveStalk ISS and log status reports!
IFTTT Recipe: Weather log connects weather to google-drive
Ever wondered how the weather was one year ago? No? ... Oh.
IFTTT Recipe: Season changed on Mars? Android Notification connects space to android-notifications
Maybe the most unusual recipe ever... In average the season changes every 160 days.
IFTTT Recipe: Daily Allround Weather Notification connects weather to android-notifications
How's the weather today? Let me show Condition, Temperature, Subrise, Sunset and Humidity at 7:00 AM!

Tasker XMLs

Silent Mode → Stop Music

If the phone is turned into silent mode or the media volume is set to 0 and if music is playing, it will stop the music so you won't miss any second of your favourite track anymore.

Automate Flows

Bing POTD: Set your wallpaper to the current Bing picture of the day.

Cleaner: Removes junk from your phone using an internal database.

Countdown Notification: Shows a notification with the remaining minutes.

DailyReboot: Reboots your phone daily to increase performance.

Encrypt: A game about speed.

GPS Converter: Converts coordinates, locations and what3words coordinates.

MusicLog: Logs music you're listening to.

OpenHosts: Pings hosts from a list of IP files.

PhotoBubble: Takes a picture instead of opening Google Now.

SINCOSTAN: A game where you have to decide: Sine, cosine or tangent?

Tiny Timeline: Takes pictures throughout the day.

YourPhoneCanTalk: Test the TTS-Engine of your phone.